Explore Batts beautiful sustainable Exotic Proverbial and medicinal original pastel on Styrofoam paintings at etsy.com

Beautiful polystyrene artworks of primitive art wrought by inspired art prodigy ,Battailledeyhwh, who was Inspired by the sacred simplistic works of Annie Vallotton of the Good news bible. Battailledeyhwh portrays illustrative Original and exotic polystyrene pastel primitive artwork that speaks to the soul on sustainable Styrofoam. Also get the prints on canvass at http://www.zazzle.com starting from 50% off.


One response

  1. Dearest Battaille,
    We found your work in “Artslant” very interesting and you are most welcome to join our non commercial and non profitable International Artists and Art Lovers Community AthensArt http://athensart-2010.ning.com that counts, up to now, over 4.830 members from 152 countries, and represents “The Positive side of Life” and the certainty that “Friendship through Art can change the World”!
    With Love and Friendship,

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