my loyal friend


A Digital Collectible by Валентин Чугаев

Из Я

Из Евы волшебный Конвертик,
поющий нежные песни
в руках Её чутких вертится 

Of me

From Eva Magic Envelope,
Singing tender songs
In the hands of her impressionable spins
About the sweet love potion,
Razlitom on necklace,
Obnâvšem Lazorevyj Cross,
On the bitty neck of spring,
And in sweet children’s dreams,
Where the stone heart drains
A in note from humid words….
And the boy from happiness sparkles
Admiring from all the guns.
And he letter will read
In exactly two years, and will remember
Roman carnivals and black cat,
Stuck in the pink throat of the night sunset,
Falling in a warm blanket of memory
About the flume countess released
From the soft palm of eva
In the December room of the old hotel
In Adam’s hmelʹnuû head,
After the triumphant spectacle
Four seconds before the stormy merger
And the shocks of the hands, legs and other parts of the bodies,
In the plumage of the flying arrow,
Erupted molten metal
Conflicts Feelings.
In forty years in New York
In the rehearsal hall
She will look in the eyes
Non-Born Adamčiku,
Seeing live shards
Green Hrustalikov eyes
In Oval Sign of the question,
Closing Belated Curtain
A Distant Italian mystery.
And he only sigh tired
In perm on the way to the hairdresser
For a haircut under nine millimeters
Your Gray hair.
And one night she
Wake up from a quiet horror
Sticky sleep in which
Something bad happened to him,
And for the first time write him
In a short emejle phrase:
What happened to you sir,
Hope the moon is in the countess
Green potion swish?
And he letter will read
In exactly two years,
When from Eva Magic Envelope,
Singing tender songs
In the hands of his impressionable, he will vzvertit.
He didn’t wait,
He didn’t notice in the pile
Garbage spam
Fucking internet
Her Magic Envelope.

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06.05.2016. 02.23
28.02.17. 22.34

“my loyal friend”, 60 Х50, Hardboard, acrylic. 2010 g sold.

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